The LST Group is a challenging place to work. You have the opportunity to take part in all the different phases of an electrical delivery project. We do repairs, renovation, maintenance work, and build totally new solutions. Our customers and partners have learned to trust our expertise. They know that we always get the job done.

However, there is a lot of work to be done and it’s not always easy. Many years of experience has taught us to schedule and organise the jobs so that our projects run smoothly. We know how to assign the right amount of manpower to meet the workload of each job.

New employees go through an introductory period to learn the way we work. We are happy to teach you whatever we can. In LST Group, you can always count on your fellow workers for help and support. Our company is small enough for everyone to know and be able to talk face to face with the people you work with, your supervisors, and the management. The LST Group is a great place to work.

Ari Huczkowski, Chief Shop Steward